Laser, Ltd. - HISTORY:

-1973 Laser, Ltd. presented sales congress seminars featuring nationally known speakers Paul Harvey, Dr. Norman
Vincent Peale, J. Douglas Edwards and Bob Richards.

-In 1977 Laser,Ltd focused on the auto industry with industry renowed presenters Jackie B. Cooper and Joe Verde
with a client base of over 3500 dealerships.

-1984 brought "Six Figure Selling" one of the most popular video sales series in America with Dr. Tony Alessandra,
Rick Barrera and Phil Wexler. This series took sales to a whole new level of cooperation between buyer and seller.

-Laser, Ltd. now focuses on programs Astounding Customer Service, Passionate Retail and Fast Forward which
enables companies to achieve a totally customer focused approach which delivers a huge competitive advantage.
Laser, Ltd.
Rick Barrera
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Laser, Ltd. - Providing business education for a radically changing world!
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World Class Presenters:
Ideas and strategies delivering high-velocity growth in the FAST LANE!

Rick Barrera author of the business best seller OVERPROMISE OVERDELIVER.  Rick's vision is aligning business thinking to provide each customer of every company with an extraordinary customer experience!

Dr. Tony Alessandra author of The Platinum Rule and twelve additional books translated into 17 different languages. Dr. Tony Alessandra is perhaps the most sought after FORTUNE 500 trainer.

E. James Rohn author of the Challenge To Succeed. He is the ultimate teacher, leader and speaker with a message that propels the listeners to new levels of achievement.