Fast Forward

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1)  Do you believe the rate of change will increase or decrease going forward?

2)  Do you believe competition will increase or decrease going forward?

3)  Will the "status quo" produce the results you want in your business going forward?

4)  Could you use a detailed blueprint for the future that will assure you a 12-18 month competitive advantage?
Do you have a precise 3-5 year business plan?  If not, why not?
10 Strategies to guarantee EXPLOSIVE, EXPONENTIAL growth and profits, while avoiding those very costly business landmines.

> Changing Places
> Globalization
> A Real Time World
> Using Speed as a Competitive Weapon
> Learning Organizations
> Strategic Partnerships
> Reinventing
> Customized Solutions and Experiences
> Leveraging Information
> Customer First!
Is Your Enterprise FUTURE Ready???

Ready for rapidly accelerating CHANGE? = Change²

Yesterday’s thinking and ideas will be of little help to you in tomorrow’s marketplace!

Corporations who absolutely missed the future trends and are currently BANKRUPT!!!!  Circuit City-Pontiac-Saturn- Max-Factor-Enron!!!

The future will require innovation, fresh thinking,
and a precise blueprint called
                                                          - author Rick Barrera
Rick Barrera has spent the last 13 years researching and listening
to Major Fortune 500 companies regarding future trends and radically new business solutions. The research to gather this valuable information would exceed $250,000.00.  Rick shares how this FAST FORWARD blueprint will create explosive growth in your business now!

Strategies you will learn:

How to sell to groups instead of customers one at a time.
What tomorrow’s customers will demand.
How to use speed as a weapon.
Additional products and bundling for more profits NOW!
The absolutely fastest way to increase your business in the 
   next 90 days is with a M.A.

Develop business alliances with your customers that is 
322 ideas, concepts, strategies and hard questions to guarantee 
   your extremely profitable business future.

This keynote speech,
FAST FORWARD, is $17,500 + expenses when delivered “LIVE” by Rick Barrera….now available on DVD for a small fraction of the cost and is unconditionally guaranteed!