Astounding Customer Service
    Featuring Tony Alessandra:

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Tony began speaking professionally while still a doctoral student in the late 70’s. He was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame in 1985, and is a member of Speaker’s Roundtable - a group of twenty of the world’s most recognized professional speakers.

A former graduate professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego, Dr. Alessandra is also a widely published author with fourteen books translated into sixteen foreign languages, including The Platinum Rule, Collaborative Selling, and The Art of Managing People.

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Tony’s numerous video and film projects include the six-time international award-winning film, The Power of Listening, as well as Disney Productions’ ground-breaking Non-Manipulative Selling. Audio programs include best selling Relationship Strategies, The Dynamics of Listening, and Charisma.

Savvy Strategies
A BBA, MBA, and PhD in Marketing, a diverse history in sales, an entrepreneur and founder of two current technology businesses, MentorU and Online Assessments - Tony brings a broad foundation of experience to every program he delivers, with examples, analogies, and proven solutions your team can implement immediately. He is always updating his breadth of knowledge by integrating current findings and the latest research to ensure his material is relevant, timely, and interesting.

Customer Service Module 1
§ Customer Service in America is Broken
     -  Apathy and indifference
§ Companies Put More Emphasis on Sales
     and Acquisition than on Customer Retention
§ What is the Service Advantage?
     -  What do the BIG companies say about customer service

Customer Service Module 3
§ Is Your Service Customer Driven?
    -  Commitment
         Goal vs. function of a company
    -  Effective communication
§   A conflict resolution system
    -  7 steps to resolving conflicts

Customer Service Module 2
§ What’s Your Customer Worth?
     -  Why MUST you know?
     -  How to calculate the value of your customer
     -  How many customers do you need?
Customer Service Module 4
§ Operations Driven Companies
     vs. Customer Driven Companies
     -  Why be customer driven?
§ Meeting or Exceeding Customer’s Expectations
    -  Performance level
    -  Personal level
Customer Service Module 5
§ What do Customers Expect?
§ The 3 R’s of Customer Service
     -  Respect
     -  Responsiveness
     -  Responsibility
Customer Service Module 7
§ Making One-shot Sales vs. Lifetime Customers
§ The Stairs of Customer Loyalty
     -  Prospect (marketing skills)
     -  Sale (selling skills)
     -  Repeat Customer (service skills)
     -  Apostle (relationship skills)
§ Creating More Apostles
     -  Who are your current apostles?
     -  What do you do for current apostles?
     -  Who can you convert to an apostle?
Customer Service Module 6
§ Encouraging employees to have commitment
    -   Foster employee passion
    -   Setting strategies and action steps
    -   Training and Learning
    -   Monitoring and measuring
    -   Rewarding and re-educating
Customer Service Module 8
§ What is Your Language of Customer Service
    -  Eradicate “I can’t,” “I won’t,” “I’ll have to”
    -  How to say it in a positive light
§ Customer Service Conclusion
     -  Analyze every detail of your service
     -  What will you improve?
Listening Skills Module 1
§ Ineffective Listening
§ Active Listening
§ The CARESS Model
    -  Concentrate
             Maximize the info you receive
             Eliminating listening barriers
             Strategies to help you concentrate

Listening Skills Module 2
§ The CARESS Model (continued)
     -  Acknowledge
     -  Researching & Responding
             Using the right questions Using feedback
             Verbal feedback
             Reinforcement feedback
             Feeling feedback
             Feeding back feelings

Listening Skills Module 3
§ The CARESS Model (continued)
     -  Exercising Emotional Control
     -  Sensing
             Verbal, vocal, visual
              Interpreting individual gestures
              Common gesture clusters
              Ask for feedback
     -  Structuring
§ Listening Skills Conclusion

(Included in 4 Star and 5 Star Packages)
Telephone Skills Module 1
§ Introduction
§ What’s the Norm?
§ How Quickly Should You Answer the Phone?
§ How Do You Answer Your Phone?
§ First Impressions
§ Get and Use the Caller’s Name
§ Smile
§ Keep a Mirror on Your Desk
§ Attitude
§ Enthusiasm
§ Who’s Listening?
§ 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Telephone Skills Module 2
§ Incoming Calls While Waiting on a Customer
§ Callers Pay the Bills
§ Live People Impress Callers
§ Voice Mail Maze
§ Little Known Secret
§ Putting People on Hold
§ Handling Irate Callers
§ Avoiding Negative Language
§ Transferring Callers
§ Screening Callers
§ Don’t Allow Misunderstandings to Occur
§ Hang-up Last
§ Check Yourself
§ Conclusion

(Included in 5 Star Package)